How To Get The Best Driving Lessons And Still Save Money

This Free Site is to help you find a professional Driving School and avoid the dangers of getting caught out by unlicensed or illegal Driving Instructors. Firstly we will look at the basic requirements you will need before starting the process of learning to drive. You will need to Apply for your Provisional Licence. (Apply online or forms available at post office). You will need to be able to read a car number plate from a distance of 20 metres (It may be a good idea to have your eyesight tested as your driving test will be terminated if you cannot read the number plate for the examiner)

How To Choose The Best Driving Lessons Deal

Only Instructors licensed by the Driving Standards Agency can legally conduct driving lessons for payment. There are 2 types of licensed instructors. 1) ADI these are Instructors who have passed all 3 parts of the qualifying process. 2) PDI these are Trainee Instructors who have passed the first 2 parts of the qualifying process and have received at least 40 hours training in giving instruction. Although licensed by the Driving Standards Agency they may not have all the experience and skill of a fully qualified ADI. When enquiring with a Driving School you can ask if an instructor is fully qualified. When you meet your instructor they must display their licence badge in the window of the Driving School vehicle. This is GREEN for an ADI (Qualified) and PINK for a Trainee

What You Should Ask About Driving Lessons Before Booking

You should ask about the Instructors pass rates as this can be useful to help you choose an Instructor likely to get you through your Driving Test. Some schools use “Piggybacking” this is where you drive the previous pupil home at the start of your lesson. This is not good value for money as you may feel nervous with another pupil in the back of the car and not benefit from this part of your lesson, also it’s just a way for the Instructor to save petrol at your expense. For your safety the vehicle should be fitted with dual control pedals so the instructor can stop the vehicle in an emergency. It is a good idea to ask their terms for lesson cancellations. Some Driving Schools require 48 hours notice to cancel a lesson or a fee may still be charged. Some Driving Schools now give a free first lesson or a reduced price trial lesson for you to see how you get on with the Instructor. Some Driving Schools now give the first five lessons for a reduced rate so it can pay to take time to shop around online to see what is on offer. A lot of Driving Schools now let you book online, this can be a quick and easy way of booking a lesson. Good Driving Schools should put their prices on their web site to help you choose the best value driving lessons. Remember the cheapest is not always the best.

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